Now Joining or Renewing your SCA Membership is fast and easy. No more printing forms, writing checks, licking stamps and driving to the post office.

The Membership sign up process can be done in these easy steps (but be sure to read the instructions before starting):
1. Follow this link to the Membership Application Form, download and save the form.

2. Fill out the form, making note of all required fields

3. Click the Yellow Button to be brought to the PayPal Payment Page, login or create an account. $25 for Full Members, $15 for Associate Members

4. Copy and Paste PayPal Transaction Confirmation Number to that field on the PDF.

5. Click the Blue Button to Submit your form. If you skip this step we will still receive your money but will have no one to attribute it to- so make sure the form is emailed. 

If you accidentally submitted your form before paying, this link will take to you PayPal to submit payment.